Sunday, July 19, 2009

Played Out

K i need a new fixx..... ii have this thing where i find a song i like and listen to it like a bazillion times, till i've sucked all the listening power from it. Then i drop it like a bad one night standd. Music does something to me only a few peopple understand.
i love it, sometimes after listening to a good song, i need to fix my hair and smoke a cigarette. ii dont know if my internet addictions generated from my love of socializing and/or music , which ever reason one planted the seed doesn't matter. Just the fact that they both live in and dominate my cerebral cortex, mainly my temporal lobe, and i am powerless to stopping em (if i ever wanted to), is all that matters any more.
ii also dont have a personal ipod or computer so i search for what i like over Youtube (iim old school) and i just realize my videoos watched is at: 1,239. and ive only kept that account for llike the past month. i'd hate to know how bad pandora would incriminate me on this issue (the issue of spending to much time on the computer).. and its not even like i spend all my time on the computer, i work and have a rigorous social life. but the faact that i have accounts with Facebook, myspace, blogspot, twitter (not used, that much) youtube, pandora, and gmail that are checked regularly iis kinda scaryy though. I'm not a total nerd, i'm suree if i possessed the quality to sleep at night like most people i wouldn't have such a large playlist...